One of the Nollywood’s actresses, Wuraola Adeseha has made known the kind of mentality our so called actresses, most especially in the Yoruba genre have infused in the industry. Before now, an actress is always stuck to the art of acting, but today, the case is different, even a six months old up and coming actress in Nollywood already has the ambition of producing two movies in a year. Not only that, these characters, as it has become a norm in the industry, can sleep with anything to raise money as long as that will fetch them money to produce a movie. This and many other things have led to the actresses throwing sanity to the wind and engaging in all kinds of things to make money so as to be called a producer. One of those who have failed to join the bandwagon of actresses is Wuraola Adeseha who has even declared that the general believe of most actresses in Yoruba and a bit in the English movie is that, if one is not a producer yet, they will see you as a failure. "Honestly, I do not feel like being a producer now, but if you spend two years in this industry and you do not produce a movie, people will start saying that you are not progressing and that you are stagnant. That is what they are doing in the industry that I have found myself and you know there is a saying that if you cannot beat them, you join them. And since I am in the system and I do not want to be seen as one who is not progressing I have decided to join the train since that is the only way they get to see you as a big girl," she said. your social media marketing partner