Veteran Nollywood movie star Kayode Odumosu aka Pa Kasumu, who has been battling with kidney disease for long and is now heal and hearty is currently getting ready for the wedding of his first son, Tunde Odumosu.Although he prefers to be discreet about the forthcoming event for obvious reasons, the development has, no doubt, rekindled the hope of his fans who have been worried about his state of health. According to The Nation, the text message containing the details of the wedding, which is scheduled to hold next Month in Lagos State, was signed by the actor himself. Consequently, one of his colleagues, who pleaded anonymity, expressed his joy over the development, saying, “When I heard that he is preparing for the wedding of his son, I felt so happy for him. Although he seems to be playing it close to his chest, I pray God spare his life to witness the day. Being alive to witness his son get married will surely give him infinite joy, particularly when you consider his health challenge. I wish his fans and Nigerians will rally round him, as he has not been working for some time, so that he can perform his responsibility as a father, financially.” He said. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... IBRAHIM CHATTA’S FIRST WIFE CRIES OUT, ‘HE ABANDONS ME AND HIS SON’ POPULAR ACTOR, IBRAHIM CHATTA WEDS SENATOR'S DAUGHTER ACE FILMMAKER CUM ACTOR IBRAHIM CHATTA BEATEN TO A PULP Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta Explodes ''I Am Not A Gold digger'' IBRAHIM CHATTA’S FIRST WIFE CRIES OUT, ‘HE ABANDONS ME AND HIS SON’ ‘He Beat Me Till I Lost My First Pregnancy’ – Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta’s Ex Reveals “My ex-wife slapped me and I hit her back” –Nollywood Actor, Ibrahim Chatta your social media marketing partner