Indecent dressing among younger ladies has been a topic of discussion for many times. Many people have kicked against the trend, which has eaten deep into the society, but with all these campaigns, things seem to be getting worse day by day. Some institutions have even taken the bold steps to give appropriate dress standard for their female folks. Nollywood actress, Mosun Filani, says she gets irritated when she sees ladies dress in provocative manners. “I get irritated when I see ladies dress in such a provocative manner because I believe you will be addressed the way you are dressed and your dressing speaks so much about who you are,” she said recently. The actress also said she feels those who dress indecently had bad upbringing because according to her, charity begins at home. “Well, I think one’s upbringing matters because there is a saying that Ile lati nko eso r’ode (charity begins at home)," she noted. "I remember that in my secondary school days, my mum used to inspect our dressing before we go out and ever since, I have learnt to dress well and decently,” Mosun added. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Boko Haram Releases Video Showing Abducted Chibok Girls Fans Blast Kate Henshaw Over No Makeup Photo Stella Damasus Blasts Critics Over Chibok Missing Girls Ibinabo Replies Clarion Chukwurah Clarion Chukwura Gets 'Shut Up' Reply From Ibinabo Nigerian Immigration Replies Davido's Bribe Claims your social media marketing partner