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Popular Nollywood actress, Lanre Hassan, better known as Iya Awero, in a recent interview with Punch, says due to some of her witch roles in movies, some of her fans sometime perceive her to be a witch. Clearing the air on the perception, the actress stated that as movie practitioners, they are trained to be professionals and need to tell the story the way it ought to be so that people could learn from what is happening in the society. Lanre stressed that she is not a witch neither does she have any powers except the power of the Almighty Allah. “Some people believe that and some others don’t but what we do is to ensure professionalism to the extent that people would believe whatever they see in our movies. Our movies are based on what is happening in real life and we act them to teach people lessons. I am not a witch; I just perfectly interpret any role given to me so people can believe us. I don’t have any power, all the power that I have is from Almighty Allah. I am a Muslim. I pray to God everyday and commit all my children, family, fans and loved ones into his hands. I don’t have any power and I am not a witch,” she said. Speaking further on why she is yet to get married and how she has been able to cope without having any affair since she lost her husband about 13 years ago, the actress explained that she has does not see any need for that as she has three children to take care of which are the most important thing for her. According to her, “I have been coping fine. S3x is not garri or rice; it is not food. You have to cope once you are determined about what you want to do and you will be fine.”
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