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Elections all the way in Nigeria that even a young child in the country now knows the various slogans and advertorial songs of the two major political parties in contention. As many travels for fear of violence in Lagos and other parts of the country, all hands are on deck for a smooth and successful completion of the 2015, general elections in the country. Nollywood actor, Adebayo Salami better known as Oga Bello, in a brief chat with Punch has disclosed that voting has never been a problem for him neither has it been a distraction. The actor noted that as an eligible voter, he has the right to vote for his choice candidate without fear and would gladly step out to vote without being distracted by any means. “I just go for the business of the day because people also know that you must obey the rules. I don’t allow distractions,” he stated. Oga Bello also lend his voice to the good people of Nigeria to come out and vote without any sentiments attached to it since it is their civic duty. “From top to down, everyone should exercise restraint and obey the rules. There should be no sentiments about anyone or anything because our vote is our power.”
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