There have been accusations of segregation based on ethnicity in the movie industry of Nigeria called Nollywood. According to claims being made by those making the allegations, some producers in the industry prefer actors from a particular tribe to others. One of the prominent faces in the industry to have spoken about the issue is Ronke Oshodi Oke, who is very popular in Yoruba films. She revealed that some Igbo producers would prefer to work with actors from the same region. The actress said, “The Igbo producers in our industry frustrated almost all the Yorubas out of the English speaking Nollywood or you have to change your name to be with them. So, why will he do that to us, his brothers and sisters?" When questioned about the success her fellow actress, Funke Akindele has made in the industry in general and also doing jobs now in the Igbo region, Ronke said Funke Akindele also went through the same struggle before she eventually got a breakthrough. "Funke (Akindele) went through same thing (but eventually) they called her back when they did not have a choice," she said. your social media marketing partner