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Those who are close to Nollywood actor, Funsho Adeolu, claim he is an easy-going and lovable person. They even further said he is one person that can bow to greet someone despite being a star. But what many may not know about him is that he is into sport. If you guess that he is into football, then you are wrong because the huge actor is into Taekwondo. Funsho, who lost his father some months ago, told Punch in a chat that he got to the level of one of the most disciplined belt holders in the sport. "My father owned a sports store in the National Stadium and I still remain the only child of my father that is still into sports. My elder sister was a sprinter in school but I was not into the normal sport. "My father trained me in virtually every sport but I decided to be a Taekwondo fighter and I got to the level of a Black Belt Second Dan. I do not pray anyone accost me because I am not supposed to be a fighter; I am only meant to defend myself. "We don’t fight anyhow when you have a black belt because a lot of effort was put into training to attain such feat. We are trained to be mature people and we do not get angry anyhow. My sons too are training to become Taekwondo fighters as well," he said. READ ALSO: Aisha Buhari closes beauty parlour in Kaduna Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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