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Unlike the present crop of youths in entertainement today who have now turned to baby daddy and baby mamas, popular comic actor, Kayode Olasehinde, popularly referred to as Pa James, does not see this as a good idea because of his upbringing. The actor who stated that people does not take him serious especially when he boards public transport, stated that as a comic actor while growing he was always scared to woo a lady because he was scared of the lady getting pregnant for him when he was not ready to father a child. Pa James explained that ant time ladies want to come to his house, he looks for ways of discouraging them from coming just to avoid troubles. In his words with Punch newspaper, “It took a long while before I began to woo ladies. I learnt a lot from my father, who married only one wife. He always told us to be patient and wait for the right time before embarking on anything in life. Whenever I wanted to woo a woman, I always wondered what I would do if she got pregnant and the thought always dissuaded me from acting on my urges. I had female friends but nothing amorous. On few occasions when ladies would tell me they wanted to come to my house, I always discouraged them from coming because I did not want any trouble. I did not want a scenario where someone would get pregnant for me when I was not ready. For a long while, my neighbours thought I was impotent because they never saw any girl pay me a visit at home as a bachelor.”
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