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Budding Yoruba actress and marketing graduate of Lagos State University, Empress Anu Sosanya is beautiful, talented and daring. Ask her to describe herself, she would tell you she’s a very simple person, who can be very blunt. empress-sonaya“I make and stay happy always because I know that no matter the situation, it will always pass. I don’t force things, I live my life. I don’t want to know what you are going through, I like being myself” she describes her kind of person. She may be new in the industry but she’s definitely not a cheerleader as she has produced three movies of her own and have featured in so many she could not count off her fingers. In a recent chat with Potpourri the vivacious and voluptuously crafted mother of one opened up on the weirdest thing she has ever done, “I have really done some crazy things like driving almost naked. I mean with only a pant and bra on me. It happened a couple of years back. Myself and a friend went to see a sister who was sick and resting in her hotel room. While on our short visit, it started raining. We had to go in the rain but before we could get to my car, we were soaked and I was cold. I removed my clothing and zoomed off. We got in traffic and all those guys who sell things in between traffic made a big show out of me. They were looking at me stunned and could not take off their eyes. I quickly collected my friend’s scarf to cover my boobs” she said.
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