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Yoruba actor, Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu a.k.a. Charles Olumo or Agbako, is a well-known face in the movie industry. His roles in films stood him out when he was very active in the industry and many people dreamt of being like him. In a recent interview, the actor disclosed his roles in movies are different from who he truly is in real life. Agbako described himself as a trustworthy and humble man, who is fun to be with and not the hard man people see in movies. Agbako further disclosed that he is not an herbalist or has he ever visited one in real life. According to him, “I am not an herbalist and I don’t have charms neither have I ever visited an herbalist before. None of them can say I have come to him before for power or something else because I don’t believe in it.” He also noted that most of the incantations he says in movies are not real but make-belief. “Most of my incantations in movie are not real. I hardly do incantations. Mine is to shoot, slap, beat or stab people in movies.”
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