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The Nollywood industry has been faced with both internal and external challenges which is said to be some of the challenges the industry is facing. The internal factor has to do with the many movies associations being established by the practitioners and some marketers coupled with the high level of segregation due to language barrier. The external factor has to do with piracy and the need for government involvement in the industry and many more. For Nollywood actor, Yinka Quadri, he does not believe that those in the English aspect of the industry are doing better than them because what people love more is indigenous movies and not English movies. He stated that English is a borrowed language and anybody can speak the language but what people outside the country appreciates is the indigenous languages which is why they feel that there is the need to sell movies through the use of the mother tongue. According to him while speaking with Newswatch magazine, “If you look back, you will notice that Nollywood started off with Igbo films before English films. We have equally researched and found out that it is even our indigenous language that viewers abroad respect. Let’s face the truth, I think our indigenous films carry more weight than English movies. The truth’s that Yoruba productions can equally match up with the English ones.” He added that the Yoruba industry does not discriminate other languages wanting to come join them in acting but feels sad when they end up not understanding how to speak it when they are given the role.
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