It is no doubt that some women have now given up on love and would rather prefer to go for money. This may be as a result of several heartbreaks suffered from men they had once trusted and given all their love to. Nollywood actress, Happiness Effiong, popularly known as Shakira, is not left out in the heartbreak spree as she recently opened up in an interview that she cannot date Nigerian men. She also disclosed why some ladies prefer to date their fellow ladies. ”I found my first love at the age of 22 and we broke up. So, I’m not in love with any guy now, because Nigerian guys are not worth falling love with. They are game players. I have been heartbroken thrice and I wouldn’t want to suffer another one. I don’t think it was my fault. It was the guys. That’s why some girls choose to be lesbians.” Click the link below to go to... Nollywood Actress, Biola Ige: Sweeping Nollywood With Sexiness, Beauty? I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY,WHY WON'T I FLAUNT IT--ACTRESS UCHE OGBODO FORMER SUPER EAGLES CAPTAIN,AUSTIN JAYJAY OKOCHA OPENS UP ON MARRIAGE BREAK-UP TALE EXCLUSIVE: Crack Between Ini Edo, Emem Isong Over Movie Credit WHY MANY CELEBRITY WOMEN MARRIAGES CRASH your social media marketing partner