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Since former Big Brother Africa winner Karen Igho returned from the United States where she treated her cancer, she has not ceased to continue thanking her fans for the love they showed her since she was away. She took to her social media some hours back to give advice to her female fans. she advised that they shouldn't strive to be someone else but be thankful for what they have, she also talked about men, according to the BBA star, any man who loves you, wont hurt you “If God gives you a second chance in anything be thankful and use it well!!! You are thinking and confuse on what to do, turn to God he will give you the perfect answer you are looking for!!! This is to all my females’ fans. Any man that really and truly loves you won't make you cry or hurt. Love is not meant to cause you pain” She also pointed out that, the way a woman carries herself is the way she will be treated “The way you carry your self that's how a man will treat you!!! Don't ever wish to want to be someone else because he/she is famous or has money, not all that glitter is gold You have to first find peace with yourself before finding peace any where, If we have togetherness, things will start changing in our country. I pray for you every blessed day” Speaking further she said pleasing everybody is impossible, she therefore advised her fans to please themselves first “I realize a long time a go you can't please everybody so please yourself first. They say bless those who curse you but it's not easy. Just try you will be more happy in life!!! It's not worth to be friends with people who don't want to be your friend; I'm thankful for the gift of life, when you have a near death an experience and you come out Alive, turn a new leaf and make your life worth living. Pure” she concluded. Click the link below to go to... BLACK MARKET BUM FOR $15,000, WANT ONE ANYONE? Young Shall Grow!!! Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor Declares War On Boko Haram Breaking News: Nigerian Socialite, Angela Onyeador Dies
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