An African adage says, ‘a clear conscience fears no accusation’, but this may not have been the case with controversial radio presenter in Lagos, Ifedayo Olarinde, better known as Freeze. Or how would one describe his response to a post by Davido on celebrities who go about flaunting fake materials, especially wristwatches. For those who may not know, Freeze is in the habit of showing off his ‘expensive’ wristwatches on social media. Davido had disclosed that he would start going about with a tester to ascertain stars who claim to have real diamonds as part of their fashion items. The singer said he wore Micheal Kor’s jewellery for three years until he was able to afford a Rolex watch. “About to start walking round with diamond testers, niggas need to stop wearing fake sh!t. I ain't buy diamonds till I could afford them. I wore a Micheal kors for 3 years and I was still fresh when I got the money for a Rolex I bought one. Watch out for obo aka the tester,” Davido had disclosed. But Freeze responded, “I wore Timex for almost 10years and my first Rolex was second-hand before God blessed me! But I never wear fake!” your social media marketing partner