Popular gospel singer, Kenny Saint Best, says she is not ready to accept any movie roles because she is focus on her main calling, which is music. The singer explained that she is after fame and if she must accept to take part in a film production, she must consider the pedigree of the producer and director. “I think I needed to define what my calling is and knowing that my calling is music, I also needed to decide on the kind of music I would be singing. "With acting, I had to know the pedigree of the producer and the director and the quality of the script, so for me, I am not trying to be famous through acting. If there are people who can better interpret the role,” she told Daily Times. She further said, “Acting for me is actually not as challenging as music, I am looking forward to taking up a really challenging role. The role has to challenge my intellect because nothing moves me until I am moved inside.”
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