Multiple award-winning singer and songwriter, Angeligue Kidjo, who is currently in Nigeria for a movie production of Kunle Afolayan, ‘CEO’ has disclosed that she hates red carpets. Her reasons for this is that people on the red carpets are always fake. In her words, “I got my first Grammy after my sixth nomination and my albums had always been in competition with big names, but sometimes, I decided to go to the Grammys and sometimes I don’t bother going at all, because I don’t like red carpet. I don’t like the fact that everyone is being fake.” Angeligue said she does not have to love red carpets being a musician. “I only to get on stage and have fun. I’m too much of a tomboy to be listening to someone telling me to pose. I won’t pose; I’ll do what I want to do” She further said, “The first time I won a Grammy, many people told me I would win it, but I told them I did not go there to win, because being nominated means a lot already. "My husband, and my manager were all stressed up because the Grammy organisers had costumiers who would come to dress us up but at the end of the day, I couldn’t fit into any of them. They later came with very high pumps but I refused to wear them and went on stage with my flip-flops and put my high heels under the chair. “And when they called my name, my husband had to force me to put the high heels on, but when I went on stage, I did not know what to say because I was not expecting to win. "And the second time I got a Grammy Award, I sensed that I would be me because the organiser of the Grammys mentioned the role of women in development, which was referring to my album 'Eve' so when they called my name, I ran on stage,” she told Tribune. your social media marketing partner