Foremost Africa’s female talking drummer, Aralola Olamuyiwa better known as Ara, says she is ready to settle down when she finally meets the right man. A single mother and hoping to have two children at 40, the actress stated that whichever man she wants to marry, he has to be single and should not have been married before. Definitely, I love to remarry. I would have remarried by now, but I don’t want to be anybody’s option. I want to be a priority; I don’t want to be a second wife to any man. According to her, there are lots of single guys out there who are ready to settle down and she would gladly accept a good offer but there are terms and condition to that. She stated that lots of men have come asking her out but once a man decided to flaunt his wealth to her face then she will pull off because it means she is just a commodity that just wants to be purchased. In her words with Newtelegraph, she said, “Of course, there are lots of single guys around, but there are certain things I can’t handle. I get to meet a lot of men because I’m an entertainer through social media or one on one. One thing that is a total turn-off for me is when a man throws wealth at me- you’re telling me you have no guts- that I’m a commodity you want to purchase off the shelve and that it’s going to be in and out.” your social media marketing partner