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Mallam Yankee has worked with several Nigerian artistes and we must say that he is good at what he does. It is said that he was the man who has changed the outlook of entertainment and nightlife in Abuja. However, he said that many Nigerian artistes are ingrates. His relationship with other artistes is very cordial. Through , he has contributed greatly to bringing some artistes fame, but unfortunately some of them are not grateful, and have refused to accept that fact. But on the whole, his relationship with most of them is very cordial. He went to say that these selfish artistes know themselves. Some up and coming acts can be funny. When they need you to climb to fame, they will hang around you, begging you to put them in one show or the other. When the fame they seek finally smiles at them, they zoom off. Next time, you are like every other business partner, no appreciation. This is what makes Mallam Yankee believe that many Nigerian artistes are ingrates.
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