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Popular Islamic music singer, Mistura Aderounmu, has grown from being that kid singer to a household name of repute since venturing into music at age 14, but since attaining stardom, the industry has not really favoured her that much especially when she got married. The singer in a recent interview explained that Islamic music has a lot to offer the country at large but in Lagos, things are very difficult because people “prefer to call Pasuma” to perform for them with huge amount being paid than for Islamic songs. Disclosing some of her challenges in the industry, the singer stated that due to her status, men believe that for them to help them as females, they have to give something in exchange which is “having an affair with them. The common slogan is, ‘use what you have to get what you want.’” READ ALSO: SALAWA ABENI RUSHED TO HOSPITAL To avoid denting her image and as a means of chasing men away, the singer got married in 2014 at age 22 and it worsen the whole situation as help were no longer coming as expected. According to Mistura, she told New Telegraph that, “I got married last year, though people were surprised at that. One of the reasons I got married early is because of the challenges with men. I said to myself that I should take that step and perhaps it would help to chase men away. But since I did the introduction and everyone knew I am engaged, people don’t want to help again.”
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