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Renowned female photographer, TY Bello, who used to be a member of the defunct KUSH music group, has shaved off her trademark afro hairstyle. The former official photographer of the immediate past Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, reduced the length of the hair and did not totally shave it off. According to ‘The Land Is Green’ crooner, her decision to have another look was purely based on her conviction. TY Bello narrated how she first cut her hair when she was only nine. The charming mother of twins said she was then forced to cut the hair by her mother, who took her to an old barber in Obalende, Lagos because of her stubbornness. The singer disclosed that she is very proud of her new look now saying, “I'm a Nigerian woman in 2015” and I will “just have fun with this in the meantime.”
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