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Renowned Nigerian gospel artiste, Sammie Okposo, has disclosed that one of the challenges face in the music industry is ability to stay relevant and branding because of the high competitive market. He pointed out that these days everyone is going into music and artistes are made but the ability to sustain that vibe is actually the issue. “So, my biggest challenge is staying relevant in what I do. That is the biggest problem, but God is helping us.” Sammie explained that the problem is not only faced in the gospel sector but in all spheres of music. Adding that every artiste wants to be relevant and talked about and wants to be part of the high flyers as far as the industry is concerned. Speaking about his personality, the singer stated that he is actually a shy person but tried to be energetic while in TV and on Stage. “I’m very shy and meek. The reason why I’m in the midst of a lot of people is because of my work. I like my space, but I try not to say that.” Furthermore, considering his closeness with politicians, the singer, whispered that he will soon be going into politics but waiting for the right time. According to him, “A lot of my colleagues are jumping into it right now. Everything in life is time. It will be a good thing, because I’m a change agent. I won’t jump into it for any financial gain because God has taken me to a place that, although I’m not a billionaire, I’m also not poor. I can afford anything I want. So if I’m going to go into politics, I want to be ready to bring change. I won’t allow the system change me, instead I will take change over there.” © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... IWhy I Say Sex Is Very Spiritual Action'- Uche Iwuanyawu 14 People Are Thrown Into The Depths of Aguleri Forest [Pictures] Wizkid Showing Bad Or Good Example To Youths? Crazy Things Female Fan Make Me Do- Sir Shina Peters Popi! Fathia Balogun, Flakky Ididowo Fight Silly over Pasuma Photos From Taiwo Oshadipe Candle Light Possesion Actress, Laide Bakare Expecting Baby Boy Soon I Don’t Have a Place in My Heart For 9ice…….Toni Payne
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