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One of Nigeria’s wave making music couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe, have made their mark in the entertainment industry but as showbiz anchors and as musicians, yet they are not relenting in their effort to dish out good music to their fans and in giving advise on how to maintain a healthy relationship and marital union. Aside paying much attention to music which is what they love doing, Tunde Obe, has also joined the league of Nigerian celebs wishing and hoping the country gets a responsible leader that will be able to grant the heart desires of its citizens. Tunde who has been monitoring the recent electioneering campaigns and the promises made by the various aspirants vying for different political offices, laughed over the general perception that they were chosen by the people to run for a political position. According to him, “Why do Politicians say "My People asked me to run" Which People? Where did you see the People?” It has been observed that each and every aspirant coming out to contest for any political office, makes use of the same slogan that they were asked by the masses to represent them. The singer, who made reference to the love of the American government towards its citizens, further questioned the essence of the Nigerian leaders towards the lives of its citizens especially during crisis. “Whenever an American citizen is killed, there's always hell to pay. What REALLY is the worth of a Nigerian life?” he questioned.
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