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Nigerian recording artiste and songwriter, Nikki Laoye-Oturu better known as Nikki Laoye has revealed that she is often times being misinterpreted for her flexible style in her delivery of gospel music. She has been criticised for releasing different song styles and often called a secular artiste parading in the guise of gospel musician. In a recent interview, she shared her reason for having the multiple angles to her delivery, "...Because there has been a lot of confusion over the years. If I release a love song today, people are like... oh, is she not supposed to be a gospel artiste? And I'm like ok... "I have had different names given to me, 'She is Gospel...She is Inspirational...She is gospel-secular.' and I am like 'You guys, calm down! I am Nikki Laoye!!! "I love music. There are three major things I just always talk about. I will rather talk about God, Love or Life. That is always what my music is always about."
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