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Stable electricity in Nigeria seems an unrealistic goal, but some people believe that though it might take a longer time, but it will definitely be a thing of the past in the country. Cool FM and Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) turntable guru, DJ Xclusive, who recently bought a luxury ride for himself, has said he will advocate for any President to stay for 20 years in power if he can provide stable public power supply in Nigeria. “Any President that can give us constant electricity should stay for 20 years,” DJ Xclusive said. Despite the huge amount of money successive governments have pumped into the power sector, Nigerians still have not seen the visible result. Those who seek for votes from the electorates have continued to use the epileptic power supply in Nigeria to woo voters, promising to make it better when elected into office. Last week, popular comedian, Basketmouth, disclosed that he spends millions of Naira yearly to run his power generating sets.
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