She is undoubtedly one of pioneers of stand-up comedy in Nigeria, but Mandy Uzonisha is not well-known like some comedians dominating the industry at the moment. The mother of one has indeed faced lots of challenges, which includes a bad marriage that lasted barely three months. In a recent interview with Punch, the Anambra State-born rib-cracker talked about the reasons she is still single and how young men have been coming to her to beg for love. "Many Nigerian women are so wicked that they can never share. But they would be the ones saying I don’t have a husband. If there can be a brave one that would just tell me to come and take her husband, I would just go. But seriously, I had a terrible experience in marriage, that is why I don’t want to go back to it. I didn’t enjoy it at all, not even for one day. “Oh, maybe I enjoyed the traditional marriage day. After that, it wasn’t it again for me. I think that is why I am not in a hurry to get into marriage again. I would love to go into it. But then, I will not deceive you, my whole concentration is on my daughter." On the pressure she gets from 'toasters' who are either married men or younger lovers, she said, "Oh yes I do. But because of my faith, what they want is not what I want from them. One of my toasters was on my neck the other time and I told him if I didn’t see a ring, then he should forget me. What he wanted was just my body and I wasn’t ready to give him that. READ ALSO: Diezani: I never stole one kobo from oil money “Some people might do it for money while others might do it for other reasons. I will not sleep with a man for money. “God has blessed me. There are certain things I will not compromise any more. It is not because I am being proud. But I just want to be decent and respect myself and my daughter. I get so many toasters. Some want me to be their sugar mummy. Some are already married." Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner