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Nigerian singer, Oritse Femi, has seems to have taken the love his fans have for him for granted after he asked them to follow his dogs on social media. The singer recently invested some of his earnings on two puppies which he calls, Charlie and Bursta, which he displayed and later created a social media page for them urging his fans to go follow them to see their regular update. “peeps kindly follow my cute puppies. chris_busta_charlie Aka CBC pet, they are here now,” he wrote. Some fans have threatened to unfollow the singer for taking their love for granted. “celeb sha. Make we dey follow pets shaking my head.” “We should follow dogs? Oritse Femi because we so jobless and don’t know what to do with our time? Even though we love dogs?” “In other News, So we should follow Dogs huh?” “Well I just unfollowed you, not that jobless” “Ode ni bobo yi sha....follow your dog bawo, go soon unfollow you sef because your page boring die sef” “Oritse Femi, you think this is Yankee? We should follow your Dogs. Even D’banj can't tell us to follow dogs. Don't mistake our Love for stupidity. You can't follow people, you're saying we should follow Dogs. Nigga, you must be out of your senses.”
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