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This news will certainly excite fans of Jodie, the singer of the hot song, ‘Kuchi Kuchi’. The charming lady has said ‘yes’ to her boyfriend, who asked her to marry him. Jodie announced this news to her teeming fans, who have since been sending congratulatory messages to her. The singer is a lady who had maintained a scandal-free profile in the entertainment industry since she made her journey into it. Some months ago, Jodie advised her female fans not to lose their ‘treasure’ to any man until they are sure he is the right person. “The question of s9x and vi9ginity is a private one. There are many people out there who don’t know who they are or where they are going. Forget the media hype and paparazzi: if people would truthfully bare their inner thoughts, no one wants to stay with someone who is ‘the national cake’. “Keep your privates to yourself and your wedded partner. Forget all that ‘new age’ or ‘modern’ talk on s9x and vi9ginity. It may look ‘cool’ to be a se9ually loose person on television or magazines, but in real life, people actually respect those who have self-control. If the whole world says vi9ginity is archaic, would you want your daughter/son to ‘go with the flow’?” she had said.
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