Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli has been identified as one of the most humble stars in an industry where a whiff of success leaves many with egos as big as the World Wide Web. Ever since she played a lead role in the award -winning film, The Figurine, her fame catapulted to the sky and stepping further. Although she recently premiered her new movie, ‘Being Mrs Elliot’ in Aso Rock, the Nigerian Presidential Villa, the happily married mother of three boys wouldn't mind being Nigerian President in order to make amends in some areas the country is lacking behind. She explains how she would solve, Nigeria's biggest problem if she were to be the president. "I think our biggest problem is the Boko Haram insurgency, people always want to feel secured and when there is a threat to security, a lot of other aspects of everyday life are threatened because if I don’t feel like I’m safe, I don’t give my best in my job or at home. I’m not at my optimum because I don’t feel safe. So, I feel like that is reallya big problem that just crept in from nowhere and if I could solve it, I would just wipe them off. I mean it doesn’t make sense, a handful of Nigerians cannot hold over 160 million people to ransom, they are not even up to one per cent of the population and they want to hold us to ransom, I think it’s unacceptable, they just need to wipe them off, that’s the only way. I would also definitely appoint more women to my cabinet if I was the president" The cheerful actress who said she would have been a doctor also recalled a medical drama she experienced. " Yes, I would have loved to be a surgeon. I’ve actually been part of a surgery for a woman that was giving birth through cesarean operation. I thought it was a lot of fun, they cut her open, she was really chubby, just all the layers of fat they had to cut through to actually get to the baby and then they took the baby out. It was a really big baby, she was so huge, she was just sitting there, not even trying to come out, and they had to kind of smack the baby around a little bit because she wouldn’t cry, she was just tired and almost distressed. Then, stitching the woman up took some time, because they had to stitch through different layers of fat, and I said to the doctor, ‘why don’t you just take out all these fat?’ He replied, “well she didn’t sign up for that, she didn’t ask us to get the fat, maybe her husband likes the fat like that," she narrated. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Pastor Kumuyi's Son Apologizes For Allowing His Wife Wear Sexy Clothes Ruggedman Blasts Ini Edo, D'Banj Others Over Silence In OJB Jezreel's False Donation Rumour Pastor’s Wife Goes Gaga For BET Awards 2013 And Amber Rose Suffer Wardrobe Malfunction#BETAwardsWorstDress “I Washed Toilets To Survive In US”: A Shocking Confession From Mr. Incredible - M.I Phyno Confesses: ‘M.I and Mr Raw Made Me’ Tunde Ednut Involve In Car Accident In Lagos Occult: First movie where a female act defeated me –Pete Edochie Governor Rotimi Amaechi Disappointed By His Kinsmen POPULAR ACTRESS TAIWO AROMOKUN DISCLOSED HER ORDEALS IN THE HANDS OF STREET URCHINS your social media marketing partner