The Nigerian elections will be coming up in February and all hands are on deck to curb the violence as much as possible if it rears its ugly head anywhere within the federation. On Friday, 23, January 2015, the Nigerian Army shocked the twitter world when the military spokesman, General Chris Olukolade confessed to the hacking of its website by an unknown person whose twitter handle is @imamsadiq123 in a style replica of the dreaded Islamic terrorist group ISIS. The @imamsadiq-account boasted of the universal reach of the ISIS group as much as supporting the ouster of the Jonathan-led administration because Jonathan is a Christian. Here there tweets from the hacker's page: "We salute the boldness of those soldiers of caliphate that stoned President Goodluck Jonathan. We must get change by force. "A non believer is an infidel, therefore nothing wrong in stoning Jonathan. Nigerians Muslim should stand up and defend their faith. "We are now in defence and hosting provider of "We now have direct control of the site. the front end and the back end. "We can now declare to Nigerians that we now have control. . This is to prove a point that we are every where General Chris Olukolade confirmed the hack and posted that the site was been investigated by the hosting provider to gain back the control from the hacker: "Yes. Our website has been defaced. There's an ISIS style attempt to hack into Government Platforms. Our provider, @Galaxybackbone is on it." He however has also confirmed that the site has been cleared and it was due to a network security breach: " @imamsadiq123 who claims responsibility for defacing @Defenceinfong's website must be unmasked. He's a BH-ISIS (Maniak K4sur's) handle. "Commendations! Defense info website back online at . Snapshot: 9:44am. cc: Gen @GENOlukolade. "Our providers @GalaxyBackbone have resolved the issue. Claims issue was a Network Security Breach. Website is back. The Nigerian compatriots demanded that the military should unmask the face of the hacker so that the belief in the Nigerian Army can be reinstated. your social media marketing partner