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A researcher and chartered accountant, Lukmon Oyewole Lawal, who contested in the Lagos State House of Assembly primary election of the All Progressive Congress (APC) alongside Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot, has revealed that he was pained to have lost to Desmond. "To be honest with you, it was a painful loss. The vehicle for representation is the political party and the party is supreme. To that extent, the emergence of Desmond Elliot is not a problem. He’s a brother and friend. I’m happy that in the course of my campaigning, I was able to distinguish myself with a clear vision and laudable programs and today, I am a positive reference point. “And that’s why my vision on education and youths empowerment programs will thrive. We really need to do a lot. Today in Lagos, you will agree with me that the goals of qualitative education are something we must address. “It’s really giving us a lot of nightmare in different aspects of our lives. Young people are not asking questions, they don’t even know what to ask anyway. We need pep talks on qualitative education and if we can do that, we will spend less on security and on prison projects. “The issues are education, youth empowerment, healthcare, and reduction of okada accidents. It’s appalling that some people still look at these as political gimmicks. It will only take an educated electorate to say “No, what you are giving me is not true, I’m better informed” but when thousands are not educated, then anything will fly," Lukmon told Sun newspaper in an interview. He added that after losing to the actor, both of them agreed to work together even if he eventually wins at the poll. “He has also promised that we are going to work on my vision together. He’ll be in the House of Assembly by the grace of God and as a friend and brother and being of the same generation, I will make sure I avail him bills that I know he could sponsor on the floor to move our generation forward,” he said.
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