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The Association of Nigeria Sports Professionals (ANSP) held another press conference in Port Harcourt on Monday, March 16, 2015 with the presence of top journalists and representatives of able and disabled sports men. The press conference is in line with the upcoming rally of the association scheduled for March 25, 2015 in Port Harcourt tagged ‘Sports people against Election Violence’. It was in line with the last rally held in Gombe State by the same association. Spokesperson of the organization, Mr Adesiyan Ayodeji stated that the president of the association, Bayonle Ahmed Arashi, who is currently in the United States, will arrive on time to be part of the rally. Adesiyan noted that Arashi will be coming with the necessary supporting materials and some interested partners for the rally. Adesiyan spoke extensively about the need for youths to be part of the rally, saying, “The sportsmen of Nigeria are not cowards and that they are ready to fully participate in the elections.” He further told the people present that, “Nigerians should understand that these politicians have houses and families overseas where they can be safe if there is post-election violence. So, no one should be used by any politician.” He summarily passed across the association’s president commendation for Nigeria’s president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan for cheques issued to the families of immigration job scandal but Bayonle Arashi insisted that the company that held the recruitment scam be exposed and the minister sanctioned accordingly. The association had two of its members (Lukman J. Mohammad and Abduljalal A Dauda) murdered last week in Gombe state where ANSP had their rally. It was disclosed that the deceased persons were strong members of the association in the Northern region. It was further said that Abdul was also an active member of the Civil Society Organization while Lukman Mohammad was a member of National Youth Council Gombe State Chapter. “Both had a stronghold for ANSP in the Northern part of Nigeria. but we lost them both and we are still grateful to God that we can continue to fight the cause they fought for till they died,” concluded Adesiyan.
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