It was a scaring experience yesterday at a location in Enugu when the son of one of the most celebrated nollywood movie stars Pete Edochi l ost his strenght and could not take in air. Before every one could gather, he was already life less. Thanks to Patience Ozokwor who opened the heavens with prayers and every one joined. Water was pured all over him aswell forcing him to drink. Some minutes later he gained conciousness and we gather the director Afam Okereke insisted he rests for a while. This obviously reveals some of the spiritual dangers actors face especially when involved in a project that reveals the occultic world. The story line we hear deals with a journey of three who were selected by the gods to Salvage the land, so they travelled through the evil forest and faced dangers insearch of the black pot to which the life of the witch that torment the entire village is tired to and must be destroyed for them to be librated.. Aside thinking spiritual, People believe yul's too much of energy drink intake could have contributed, added to his smoking habit. Others involved in this eventfull project titled "curse of the gods" include chiwetalu agu, patience ozokwor, francess umeh. The project is being bank rolled by a foriegn based nigeria, mr alex Ogbonna. your social media marketing partner