Is so dishearten to see creative minds that has contributed immensely to the growth of entertainment industry in Nigeria not getting Moral and financial support from their colleague in time of needs. When late Dagrin was lying on the hospital bed in Luth, Many of his colleague were aware that his family are having some financial constraint to give him adequate care, Infact a close friend of mine who happen to be a doctor in Lagos university teaching hospital were Dagrin was admitted informed me that had it being they flew him out of the country immediately the accident happened for proper medical care abroad, There are 75%percent chances that he may survive the accident. Meanwhile after his demise, all the mediocre are busy professing undying love for him and embarking on projects on Dagrin’s name to enrich their pocket. Recently ,Ashley Nwosu was battling with kidney problem in the hospital, His wife went round crying for help, Nobody responded even some of the so called Nollywood producers he has worked for in the time past deserted him. I learnt some of the producers that are owing him fail to pay up when his wife ran to them for help. I was shocked when I had the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria said Ashley will be given a Befitting burial. Where are they when Ashley’s wife was seeking for help. Not forgetting the case of Ronke Oshodi Oke personal assistant Bunmi that dies of cancer some weeks back, After lying for months on the hospital bed without no help. Though Ronke Oshodi tried her possible best but had it being some of her colleague supported the course. The story would have been different. I think is hightime we stop these hypocrisy ideas and be our brother’s keeper. Click the link below to go to ... Lady with bone marrow cancer, Bunmi Akinleye, passes away Exclusive Pictures of Dagrin in Hospital BREAKING NEWS: Actor Ashley Nwosu dead your social media marketing partner