Wonders, they say, shall never cease. Imagine Fathia Balogun, erstwhile wife of Saheed Balogun to have stooped so low to sleep with Sunkanmi, the son of Papa Aluwe, the comic actor who resides in Ibadan. This silly act displayed by Fathia was said to have happened at a movie location where the two were paired in a movie role. At night, when everyone had gone to bed, gossip merchant who was watching the lovey-dovey of the two of them during the day time, informed us that Sunkanmi, the handsome actor, rolled tape inside the ‘jukebox’ of Fathia who is old enough to be his aunty even mother as they say it. Nobody would have suspected but for the noise Fathia was said to be making that eventually attracted a few people who said the case should be closely guarded. Though, the two of them, after that flighty night, informants told us, continued with the ‘script’ in Dubai when they met again. We are still digging dip for more dirty deals of the two of them. Watch out!
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