Not many movie buffs are familiar with the face of the sexy aspiring star actress, Beverly Naya,not until her seductive scene in a movie titled “Home in Exile” gave her the much needed recognition. Although, it’s now over two years that the film was shot, some rumour mongers had hit the street claiming that Beverly and Desmond actually took the make believe romance beyond the scene. You will recall that when ‘Home in Exile’ was premiered last year, Beverly steaming kiss with star actor, Desmond Elliot, in the flick that was produced by Lancelot Imasuen, was feasted on by some sections of the media. While Beverly had actually dispelled the alleged romance with Desmond, her growing fame has been attributed to the reason why some people have poked into the past of the City People’s Fast rising actress award winner. Reacting to the rumour that is now being discussed in hushed tone, the bold, brainy screen beau said The movie was shot three years ago, and how did that conclusion come about?Desmond and I were professionals to the core. That would have made interesting news three years ago and realistically tongues shouldn’t wag now because nothing ever happened. your social media marketing partner