As scandal seems to be synonymous with fame, large section of the growing fans of star actor James Ikechukwu Esomugha, popularly called Jim Iyke, are begin to get upset with controversies rocking the sexy dude. Many people have gotten the wrong impression about this talented actor that is arrogant and violent,but from the look of things, it seems he’s trying to redeem his image and bring his reputation back. In a recent chat with a celebrity blog,Jim was quoted: "I will not disrespect you by lying about the fact that I do get into one or two brushes with people here and there. I will not give any excuse that I have never been that kind of person. I am taking a Anger Management Session now, it was advised not only by my fiancée, but also by my agent. It is a very interesting session for my well being. One thing about our society is that we have not accepted celebrities with their whims and caprices. An actor is allowed to be eccentric. There is a thin line between the person you see on stage and the real actor. A lot of people do not understand that. I’m not perfect and I’m taking steps to deal with my imperfections” For Jim to have the courage to say these, I think he deserves a second chance because I believe only the great achievers will accept mistakes, failures, problems and imperfections, as part of being human. So make una free Jim. click the link below to go to... EXCLUSIVE:JIM IYKE ARRESTED IN ABUJA, FORCED TO REMOVE TINTED WINDOWS OF HIS CAR. ACTOR JIM IYKE ANSWERS FRAUD ALLEGATIONS CRITICS. STAR ACTOR JIM IYKE IN COURT OVER N15 MILLION FRAUD. ACTOR JIM IYKE PARADES TWO NEW AUTOMOBILES WORTH $100,000,BUILDS CLOTHING MALL WORTH N90 MILLION IN ABUJA. THE MANY SCANDALS OF STAR ACTOR,JIM IYKE. FRAUD ALLEGATION SCANDAL:WHY ARE PEOPLE MAKING SUCH A BIG THING OUT OF IT ?-JIM IYKE. your social media marketing partner