This is it!.....Thespian Actress Uche jombo has quit the single ladies club right under our noses! Whilst the rumour was ripe with tales of the actress planning to wed a certain 'chi.boy' whom she came out propmtly to deny,the actress left people wondering whart she was up to and took the next Available flight out to wed her full blooded American boyfriend............Handsome Knight in shining armour! Whilst you are still trying to guess his nationality.......he is neither igbo,hausa or yoruba,infact he is not a Nigerian. With This Marriage conducted in New york,Uche has just become the wife of an American and has a new name.....Mrs Uche Jombo-R...... The actress is presently on honeymoon! You may also like Marriages don't last these days but I still need a man -Shan George 'How I met and fell in love with my wife' - actor Chidi Mokeme STEPHANIE OKEREKE OPENS UP ON N100M PARIS WEDDING--SAYS I'VE ALWAYS DREAMNT OF A FAIRY TALE WEDDING THERE WAS THIS STORY THAT RMD AND I WAS SEEN DOING SOMETHING IN A CAR--ACTRESS STELLA DAMASUS Genevieve, Omotola, Ini Edo, Others Shun AMAA In Lagos your social media marketing partner