Tribalism is one issue that has affected so many people negatively in Nigeria. It has become a cankerworm in almost all the facets of our life; and it has eaten deep into the fabric of our society. One effect it leaves behind is corruption, nepotism and lack of productivity. In the Nigerian setting, it is very common for some people to discriminate because of someone's ethnic background. Some people have even likened tribalism to racial abuse. Though in marriages, the issue is gradually being defeated as we have had inter-ethnic marriages, the menace is still very dominant in most professions in Nigeria. In Nollywood, one does not need a soothsayer to know that tribalism has taken over the industry. It is common to see this in most interest groups and associations formed in the industry. While those from the Yoruba tribe are dominant in the Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners of Nigeria (ANTP), those from the Igbo extraction are prominent in Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). Interestingly, both groups represent the interests of actors in Nollywood. your social media marketing partner