Since the National President of the Screen Writers Guild of Nigeria, SWGN, Chike Bryan was diagnosed with kidney-related disease about six months ago, Franca Brown and some of her colleagues have taken it upon themselves to solicit financial assistance for the ailing script writer. But the veteran actress, who hit the limelight after the role she played in the popular soap opera, “Behind the Cloud”, is not totally happy as she laments the indifferent attitude displayed by Bryan's relatives towards his health condition. “It's a big shame that while Bryan hails from somewhere, his relatives are doing nothing to assist him financially,” she said, while in chat with HVP recently. The actress commended the efforts of some of her colleagues who have been supporting the ailing script writer financially. “Our pray is that God should continue to keep him alive. That young man deserves to live. Wherever I am, I always tell people that they should not forget him. I commend the efforts of some of my colleagues who have been supporting him financially. He's been sustained in one way or the other. But it's a big shame that he hails from somewhere and up till now, his kinsmen are doing nothing to assist him. We are not happy about their attitude,” the actress lamented. Byran who has written the scripts of so many Nollywood films has been down with kidney related ailment for nearly one year now. His two kidneys reportedly have packed up, and he needs about N10 million to go for transplant in India. your social media marketing partner