I was seriously thinking about which topic to discuss since we are getting close to Monday. I was trying to update our site when I saw this headline, ‘I Can Only Date A Rich Guy—Toni Payne.’ I would have ignored and moved ahead but since I don't have any topic to discuss, I think she just gave me something to talk about. I took special interest in this topic because she happens to be an ex-wife of popular musician, 9ice. Reading through the headline, she said a lady sent her an email that her boyfriend dumped her after putting him through school. And for that, she can't date broke guys. This was what she said, “I used to think it was the right thing to do to stand by a man and grow together, now I am not so sure, so I can’t even advise it anymore. Just got the most heartbreaking email, not even sure how to advise her. Sometimes you really can’t blame ladies who go for already made men.” Toni Payne stated further, “as for me…I don’t phuck with broke dudes, in Chris Brown’s voice. Go and make it big then call me back…na only me waka come? Thank you.” According to her, “Well they say you can’t know a man’s true character till he has money..i totally believe this as fact so it’s just too risky.” “Ladies be putting men through school and sh*t…omo I am sorry but that’s a dumb move, use that money to put yourself through school, better yourself. He graduates, makes it then leaves you for another woman, all of a sudden you are not educated enough for him..ladies ladies ladies be wise” she said. Bravo Toni Payne for this nice advice for ladies. So what happens to my friend, Emeka, who happens to be a broke ass or myself still hustling to be that rich guy that you want ladies to start running after just because a guy dumped a girl after putting him through school. This is the particular part that caught my attention; you said, “as for me…I don’t phuck with broke dudes, in Chris Brown’s voice. Go and make it big then call me back…na only me waka come?" Madam Payne, with the above statement, I can't help but weep for ladies that will take your advice serious. You don't phuck with broke dude but remember your former husband wasn't a broke dude! But you guys broke up. It goes to show that the problem is not about phucking with broke dude or not, it’s all about you as a person. Secondly, you said; "Go and make it big then call me back…na only me waka come?" Madam Payne, truly, ‘nor be only you waka come oh’, because lots of people have been there before you. Now what you mean to tell those ladies out there is that they should tell their guys to go make it big and come back, even if the guy goes to sell drugs, rob people, do money rituals etc and come back for them to enjoy. But is that not what we refer to as gold digging? Madam, at this age, are you still thinking of phucking with guys? By now you should be focusing on giving your child a better life or sticking with a guy to help you. Now, coming to the email that was sent to you, do you know how many girls have dumped their boyfriend that saw them through school just because they now have new opportunities? Do you know how many men that have been frustrated by women? Some men have relocated to their village after spending so much on their women? I have a friend that is training his girlfriend through school and she is seriously cheating on him as I am writing this piece. I also lost a friend recently after suffering from heartbreak. But should it stop guys from dating girls and vice versa? It’s not about been broke or not, madam it’s all about you as a person. Who told you being rich is the solution. "Show me a rich guy that is faithful to just one woman and I will show you 1000 broke dude that are faithful to their women." Imagine if all the girls start to run after all the rich dudes, who will date ‘Koliko’ the son of a wrestler? Even the wives of the rich are not free from heartbreaks and problem because more women are fighting to take their place. Please mind the kind of advice you give to your followers because being rich does not guarantee your child must be rich. He might at a point in his life be a broke dude before becoming a rich dude. You also said this; “I used to think it was the right thing to do to stand by a man and grow together, now I am not so sure, so I can’t even advise it anymore." Madam, you are wrong. What you are telling those ladies, is that they should not stand by any man and grow together. Remember Olamide, your former artiste, was also a broke dude, Wizkid, Timaya and lots of them but today you will be glad to manage them but they are now rich dudes Annie Idibia stood by broke dude 2Face, spending her money to support him and today she ended up as his first lady. Dame Patience stood by Goodluck Jonathan even when he had no shoe and today she is the First Lady of your country etc. Who told you men don't appreciate women that support them? A man might wants to leave if the woman is trying to become the boss, ordering the man around just because she is paying the bills. No man likes competition when it comes to who controls the relationship. I think your mom might be in a better position to educate you more. You didn't even bother to ask the lady that sent you the email what went wrong, you don't even know if she did something to push the man out. Madam, it’s not about broke dude, it’s about you. To every lady reading this, please stand by your man, no matter how small, support and encourage him in whatever way you can. And if he leaves, just know, he wasn't meant for you because a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage and remember God in heaven is watching and will reward you for your labour of good. Same thing for the guys, if she leaves you after so many efforts, brotherly, it’s time to move on. Just remember to become a man is not a day job and that the best teacher in life is experience. Be strong. And to Madam Payne, thanks for giving me this topic to discuss. I appreciate. To everyone, just remember in relationship, break up and make up is constant. You might be dating my future wife and without out you breaking up with her and in the process hurting her? I might not be able to meet her and make up with her. Please if my future wife is with you, break her heart right now before she gives you all our money or I might do same to yours..hahahaha. @Olokpa © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... 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