Do you know that behind their beautiful and cheerful faces, lots of our top superstars don't actually get along well with each other. Lots of 'beefs' here and there, without the knowledge of lots of their teeming fans. Not many knew that Rita Dominic, Monalisa Chinda and Genevieve Nnaji used to live together. That was when the actresses developed a strong friendship that was nurtured for several years. But the once bosom friends are no longer chubby. Things have gotten so bad that Rita and Monalisa don’t see eye to eye again. Though, Genevieve has made up with Monalisa, the cause of the hostility, the three friends are not telling anyone. However, after Monalisa’s marriage crashed, she made up with Genevieve, but Rita was not committed to a reunion, apparently still hurting from whatever might have caused the hostility. Another nollywood super 'beef' is between two 'sisters' Nse Ikpe Etim and Emem Isong. They were bosom friends and business partners but the love they once shared has turned into another thing. Emem, who featured Nse in her movie, Reloaded (a film that re-launched Nse’s career), is angry that the actress has been going around spreading negative tales and talking down on her works. Emem sent Nse an angry mail, which she also responded to with anger, and till date they are sworn enemies. Now, it may take long before movie fans see Nse in Emem’s production. The music industry is not left out as K1 and Obesere are still at lodger heads. The animosity between the two fuji musicians is legendary. King Wasiu Ayinde popularly known as K1 de Ultimate believes that Obesere, a fellow fuji singer, has been disrespectful and is always too quick to throw a jibe at him. Both have sung several hate songs against each other, but some believe K1 is having the upper hand. When K1 sang ‘Eyin Mama Esempe’ (elderly women slow down), Obesere accused him in a song of being disrespectful to women. Though, the two have simmered down, the hostility most definitely continues. your social media marketing partner