The media has been agog recently with various advertorials of political parties ahead of the 2015 general elections in Nigeria. Entertainers, who some would not have thought would go near politics have indicated their interests in the new ‘money-spinning’ profession in Nigeria. On Tuesday, President Goodluck Johnathan, in Abuja, officially declared his intention to re-run in the presidential election, also advising Nigerians to remain their brothers’ keepers. "In this election season, I appeal to all of you, not to harm, maim or kill; not to incite violence of any kind," he said. He further said, "Fellow Nigerians, it is forward ever! We must put our hopes to work! Together, we will realize our collective destiny." Speaking with Sahara TV at an event held in the US, Uche Jombo, who is also in the states with her husband and is reportedly to be expecting to put to bed soon, prayed that leaders who care less about themselves, but more of the citizens, should be produced. The Abia State-born actress Nigeria will move forward when unselfish leaders are produced. She stated that stable power supply will boost the country’s economy. your social media marketing partner