Nollywood actress, Chief Ejiro Okurame as she now calls herself, has disclosed that she is yet to forgive herself after acting a role close to being unclad in a movie scene. The actress stated that acting such roles in movies do not glorify the Nigerian culture and also do not speak well of actors as they are seen by some children as role models. In solemnest, the actress stated, “I really do not wish to play any sexual or nudity role. Reasons are… I just don’t like it, it’s not in our culture and we have kids growing up everyday to watch such. I can’t be proud to raise my head up high that I was part of such porn movies. “I did something close to it some years ago and I have not forgiven myself till today. I want to be proud of my job and not bury my head in shame.” Ejiro also noted that she cannot advice anyone to join the make-belief world so as not to be held responsible for the challenges they might go through as desperation to achieve fame has been a serious issue among many.© your social media marketing partner