After the shocking death of one of Nollywood's finest, Muna Obiekwe, who breathed his last after briefly suffering from Kidney failure, (Read It HERE ) concerned Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has taken to Instagram to lecture her fans on the causes of Kidney failure as well as plead with her colleagues to be very health conscious to avoid repetition of such death. The sultry actress who's happily enjoying single-motherhood after dumping her husband, few years ago posted this. "It's sad we have to lose someone dear to us to kidney failure. ?Please educate yourselves about your kidneys and check your kidneys and livers regularly. This is a plea to all and also all entertainers out there, we are always too busy to do regular check ups on our health and we end up waiting till last minute to find out about health issues. Please please let's take time out and visit the hospital regularly and make sure we stay healthy. Kidney failure can happen to anybody please! Prevention is better than cure," she wrote. your social media marketing partner