Nollywood actor, Olu Jacobs, may have made his name in the entertainment industry which has largely brought smiles and satisfaction to him but many never knew how the actor managed to convince his father to accept his choice of career. Olu Jacobs in an interview with Tribune newspaper explained that his father was never in support of his choice of career as he advised him to see it as a recreation and not a profession. The actor revealed that he had connived with his mother who agreed to his plans and he travelled to Europe for his drama course. He noted that it was several writing of letters and sending of gifts especially his father’s favourite tobacco that got his father happy and that was how everything was settled. He said, “I wrote a letter to him and gave it to the person who took me to the airport. By the time I landed in Frankfurt, the letter was delivered to him. I explained and pleaded with him to believe in my dreams. Then I began sending presents and his favourite kind of tobacco and that was how we settled it.” your social media marketing partner