Being a celebrity comes with both pains and gains. However, most celebs prefer to only enjoy the fame and fortune of being a star and leave out the pain. In some cases, the headache fans make public figures go through may be frustrating. In Nigeria, some fans expect entertainers to always give them money, which they (fans) refer to as their ‘entitlement’. Several times, some Nigerian celebrities have complained bitterly about how some fans harass they for money when they encounter them mostly at public places. Recently, Denrele Edun was attacked after he refused to ‘settle’ some hoodlums in Festac area of Lagos. But for some overzealous fans, what they are after is taking photographs with their television idols and they would do anything to get it. However, in some cases, their requests have been turned down by some celebs. Recently, Nollywood actress, Susan Peters, was at a wedding ceremony and one of her male fans decided to take a photograph with her. From what we gathered, Susan was not too happy with the photograph, but she spoke on how the young man in the photograph went too close to her body. "Hmmmm, this my Idoma brother. Na picture we take wey you gum body abi? #i know like ds your touching body," she said. your social media marketing partner