Veteran actress, Ngozi Nwosu survived a kidney related illness few years ago, is obviously back on her feet. She recently voiced out her fears on the tension raised by the on-going collation of results of the presidential election over the weekend. Aunty Peace, as she is fondly called by her close friends, pleaded with Nigerians to shun violence for the sake of the country. She wrote; "Dear Nigerians, my sincere advice here is if the deadliest civil war breaks out, all of us ranting here APC and PDP, you and i will be refugees in Benin Republic and other countries if we survive it. “Note that the elites you are fighting for on social media will survive with their families, and they will still sit at a peace accord meeting somewhere in Ghana, South Africa or the U.N to still decide your fate and fly back their families with their private jets to continue using those who survived. “If i may ask, where are their children? They are all abroad in safe keeping. Nigerian youths, listen and listen good, we have only one Nigeria, what the radio did to Rwanda is what social media is doing to Nigeria now. We are all pushing Nigeria to war. There will be no winners or losers! “Nigerians, you and i will lose at last. God forbids such happens, all of us here might not be alive to tell the story but i bet you, all the elites and their children will be alive to tell the story. You and i don't own oil wells and private jets, then what are we fighting for? They want you to be counted as casualties so there would be a case. Please say no to violence! If GEJ wins he won’t feed his village. If Buhari wins, he won’t feed his village, and nothing will change, there is no time a government will solve all your problems. “There are more beggars and homeless people in the U.S than Nigeria even in Obamas backyard in Chicago homeless people queue up for food hand outs daily. Let’s preach love and kindness. To keep Nigeria one is a task we must all achieve. Help forward this message to every Nigerian. PRAY without seizing for this great nation. Say no to election violence!!! God bless." your social media marketing partner