Nollywood producers sure knows how to get their fans scared especially when it comes to the part in which has to do with horror as they try to ensure that their fans stay glue to know what next will happen. Though not everyone really like horror movies but some are trying to come to terms that the scenes are just make-belief and not real. Recently, some behind the scenes pictures from Kehinde Olorunyomi’s movie ‘The Novelist’ was released and the special effect done on actress, Eberechukwu Bayray Mc Nwizu, got some accolades as her head was shown to have been cut off and placed on the table. ‘The Novelist’ is being produced by Adewunmi Odukoya and directed by Patience Oghre Imohio. The movie features the likes of Eberechukwu Bayray Mc Nwizu, Ifeanyi Kalu, Kehinde Olorunyomi and others. your social media marketing partner