Now a force to reckon with in the buzzing Nigeria music industry, singer, Kiss Daniel, is seriously working towards attaining that height he most desires in the music industry and he is not ready to allow any form of distraction deter him. With a strong fan base which comprises more of females, the singer is not ready to allow their love towards him get into his head as he discloses to Punch that being a ladies man, he is not ready to settle down yet. He stated that there are lots of responsibilities on his neck and would not like to take the chances of taking advantage of any female fan around him. “The ladies have been amazing to me. They are wonderful fans and I am a ladies’ man especially because of the kind of songs I sing. I love my female fans. I am a loyal and good boy who would never take advantage of women. I am a young boy with responsibilities on my neck so I am not thinking about settling down anytime soon. There is still money to be made and I am not considering marriage at all at the moment,” he said. your social media marketing partner