We hope those who reportedly ‘abducted’ popular actor Nkem Owoh released him in one piece and would not do anything more than requesting for ransom and keeping his car? Well, we hear Owoh, who is popular as Osuofia has been ‘behaving one-kind, one –kind’ (meaning: strangely) since he was released to re-unite with his family. They say the once jovial Owoh, hardly talks and jokes now and has blatantly refused to narrate his experience to people. The waka pass who filed this gist from Enugu said he thinks that Osuofia is still reflecting…. not because he was ‘abducted’, but because his family members and the abductors had to engage in some haggling ‘as if they were pricing spare parts’ before he was released. Meaning that had the abductors insisted on the original amount, his savings, plus his popularity wouldn’t have been able to guarantee his release…. .hmmmmmm. True, it is worth reflecting on….
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